MAC is giving away free lipstick today


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MAC is giving away free lipstick today

Seriously. Full-size tubes.

If you’ve been scraping the bottom of the same grubby-ass Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick for the past three years . . . I have nothing to say to you because so have I. But it’s time for us all to grow the hell up and get ourselves a real adult lipstick. I bet you buy your perfume at Bath and Body Works too.

Seriously though, I don’t blame you. Makeup is expensive, especially when you’re not really sure what you’re doing with it, and have been using the same bottle of foundation since the sample they gave you when you got your makeup done at Macy’s for prom.

Now? That’s a thing of the past. Today, for International Lipstick Day (???) MAC giving out free full-size tubes to anybody brave enough to face the crowd at one of their stores.

Seriously, get there early. We don’t need anybody getting trampled to death over a tube of “Flatout Fabulous.”

Just be sure to match it to the color to your nipples.


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