Contouring is officially over, so here’s hoping you have a naturally attractive face


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Contouring is officially over, so here’s hoping you have a naturally attractive face

It’s all about the nontour now

First Kylie told us 2016 would be the year of realizing things, and then Kim K told Glamour contour was over, and nobody even bothered to listen?

“I’m really into nontouring,” she said a year before releasing her own Crème Contour and Highlight Kit with KKW Beauty. “It just looks too heavy, I’m going for a lighter makeup look now.”

And much to the chagrin of us less-chiseled girls, she was right (just at the wrong time), since rounder, more natural looks are on the rise.

Cult brands like Glossier have seen this pivot coming for a while now, offering soft all-over gel looks they describe as “warm on the inside,” and “wet on the outside.”

The brand promises the same “barely there, lit-from-within” look Kim was (clearly!) taking about in 2016, and now other brands are following.

“We always err on a light touch versus a heavy touch,” Founder Emily Weiss told Buzzfeed news in 2016.

“Makeup for the truly lazy” is how some brands were describing the look in 2016 — but like everything, makeup for the lazy is finally having it’s time. The kind of makeup that’s meant to be applied with fingers instead of applicators.

An on-the-run look for working girls with a hangover. (We see you.)

when u don't need to edit the lighting of a photo 😌😁😏also when u feeel a worlds happier than u look in the pic

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It’s the same reason wet hair looks are in. Everyone wants that I-rolled-out-of-bed-refreshed look.

Moving away from contouring doesn’t mean we need to stray from makeup entirely. A non-contoured look can be achieved with a face full of makeup. Acne, skin scars — there’s no reason to worry about not being able to cover it all up. It’s just the harsh cheekbones — initially coined by drag queens to achieve more “feminine” features — that we can start leaving out of our every-day routines.

Here’s hoping you have a naturally sculpted face, I guess.


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