Male student cleared of sexual assault uses photo from his trial on Tinder

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Male student cleared of sexual assault uses photo from his trial on Tinder

Acquitted Wednesday, on Tinder Sunday.

Last week, 22-year-old Nicholas Ralston was found not guilty on felony charges of sexual assault. The victim reported that Ralston initiated non-consensual oral sex with her while she was sleeping on the futon with her boyfriend in his dorm room at UW-Madison.

Daily Cardinal City News Editor, Gina Heeb, took a photo of Ralston during his two-day trial last week. Yesterday she discovered he was using the picture she took on his Tinder profile.

Heeb told us: “The Daily Cardinal verified that this is his Tinder account. The trial outcome received a lot of backlash last week, so it’s not surprising the news isn’t sitting well with the public.”

Ralston was expelled from UW-Madison in 2015 following the accusations of sexual assault.

The day after the alleged assault in April 2015, Ralston texted his friends saying: “Just so all of you know I sexually assaulted [the victim] last night and will be living in Tripp for the rest of the year.” He was acquitted after the defense claimed he only admitted to the assault because the victim convinced him it happened.

The defense also mentioned a lack of physical evidence, and the possibility that the victim thought Ralston was her boyfriend because she was drunk and couldn’t “coherently piece together” the evening.


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