An actual love potion exists and it could be coming to stores soon


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An actual love potion exists and it could be coming to stores soon

‘Take a fucking sip, babes’

If you’ve tried every WikiHow love hack like “being lovable,” and “loving your significant other,” and they still don’t have your name in their Instagram bio with a lock next to it, don’t give up hope.

You’ve been on and off for a few months and he totally loves you, he’s just not in love with you (yet). Which is fine, you know it’s toooootally fine, it’s not like you already know what all of your kids’ favorite extracurriculars will be. Because that would be, you know, crazy.

But you know what’s not crazy, love potion. Seriously, it’s a real thing, and you might be able to get your hands on it very, very soon thanks to Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute. Researcher and neuroethicist Anders Sandberg has created a pill that imitates a similar chemical release in a person’s brain. When you’re falling for someone, certain hormones are essential for love — for example, oxytocin which pops up in the brain of someone who is newly in love. Now you can bottle that magic.

Which is wild, by the way. Even in Aladdin, a magical disney movie with flying carpets and unachievable waistlines, a genie can grant you three wishes but he can’t make somebody else fall in love with you.

This is some real dark magic shit though, so use it wisely.


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