You actually spend way less time on Instagram each day than you thought

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You actually spend way less time on Instagram each day than you thought

*Logs back on*

“Rise and Instagram,” as they always say. Just me? Cool.

There’s nothing better than arriving late to work because you’ve pushed your morning shower back in order to spend a few extra minutes lying in bed and living vicariously through the online lives of people you may or may not actually know.

And then there’s the commute to work, scrolling between morning meetings, lunch breaks, the before-bed scroll, and none of that take into account posting and coming up with captions and filters. So yeah, if my life depended on it, I’d feel comfortable saying I spend upwards of two hours a day on the ‘gram.

But, according to a new study conducted by Instagram, the average user under the age of 25 spends just over 32 minutes on the app every day — averaging under four hours a week.

It seems they released this figure in a weird battle with Snapchat to be the best — Snap users average only 30 minutes a day on the app — but honestly, I’ve already deleted Snap.

It’s worth noting holidays are different for Instagram, averaging a total of 79 minutes a day where we sit and edit our beach pics to the gods. But, if the average person spends more than five years of their lives on social media, all I’m left wondering is, what apps are you guys on?


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