Our standards are so low, we’re celebrating a man for being attracted to his wife


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Our standards are so low, we’re celebrating a man for being attracted to his wife

Does it matter she’s curvy? lol

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ve probably seen an Instagram post floating around written by Robbie Tripp about loving his wife. Sure, love is cute and all, but Robbie’s status wasn’t just about love. It was about loving his wife even though she’s curvy.

Ok, let’s break this down. He starts this post off by applauding himself for loving “thick” women even though he was teased? Like, what do you think those girls went through for actually being thick? Definitely worse teasing than you ever experienced.

Then, he talks about how much he knows about ~feminism~ and how ~marginalized women~ are. Because he is an educated bro, knight-in-shining-armor here to save womankind. Because we can’t save ourselves. We need to be accepted by men to survive, obviously.

But to take the cake, he brags that he loves his wife’s “thick thighs, big booty, and cute little side roll.” First, those are completely normal body parts for a human to have. Also, it’s her body? Why are you applauding yourself for accepting something about someone else? That should be a given. We should all accept each other. And like, I hope you like your wife’s body? She’s your wife.

He ends the post with a shoutout to girls, reminding them one day they’ll be lucky enough to find someone who accepts them. There’s a guy out there who is going to celebrate you, ladies! You don’t need to worry about other parts of your life. Your confidence should 100% hinge on finding a guy to fuck you — as though you don’t get dick by yourself.

Maybe the worst thing about this post is the postive reaction it got — it has over 21,000 likes on Instagram, and more than 86,000 likes on Facebook. It got so big, Buzzfeed covered it as an ~inspirational love story.~

Robbie, it’s not inspirational you love your beautiful wife. It doesn’t matter what body type she has. It’s patronizing you don’t think it’s obvious she deserves love and feel like you need to broadcast what a cool dude you are for liking thick ladies.

Everyone already knows we’re hot.