Is this the ugliest dress in America?


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Is this the ugliest dress in America?


The year was 1620…I’m kidding. It was 2017, but somewhere on the worldwide web, somebody seemed to have forgotten that, because they decided to sell an actual pilgrim dress, and charge $450 for it.

The Sequoia dress from Creatures of Comfort is not only for the richest and tallest of gals, but also for the kind of gals who masturbate to Pride and Prejudice and have an “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me,” tattoo somewhere on their forearm.

Then again, there are probably at least three thousand girls walking around Bushwick proudly donning their very own thrift store versions of this dress right now.

But the rest of the world is angry about it

Although this person is probably right

Sorry Adele.


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