ColourPop is officially coming to Sephora


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ColourPop is officially coming to Sephora

Please tell me the prices are gonna stay the same

So you know ColourPop. They’re the company that manufactures those incredibly inexpensive, super pigmented lipsticks, liquid lippies, creamy eyeshadows and bright blushes.

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They also probably maybe definitely manufacture Kylie Cosmetics, and for a quarter of the price.

But until this glorious moment, they’ve only been available online. Which is a fate worse than death for people like me who are so impatient, the thought of waiting 3-5 business days makes me want to fling myself from the highest window in the highest tower in all the land.

What did you pick up from our launch today?! Let us know in the comments below!

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But God has smiled upon us on this glorious Monday, proving definitively that She is a woman.

ColourPop is coming to Sephora. This means access and VIB Points out the yang.

Not only is the brand coming to Sephora, but we can also expect exclusive in-store collections and holiday bundles, too. Everyone whose ever been in a cosmetics store or department can testify there’s nothing better than scooping up holiday packs of all the precious, adorable mini products.

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We are blessed on this day. Ask your boss for the afternoon off and go lay in a patch of sunlight. All your troubles are over and you’ve been touched by a warm, golden beam of light. Namaste.


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