This guy tried to scam five girls but don’t worry — they John Tucker’d his ass


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This guy tried to scam five girls but don’t worry — they John Tucker’d his ass

Even the bartenders were in on it

I’m not going to say I’ve never gone on a Date A with Date B in mind. It’s like pre-gaming, except with people.

Date B is usually someone you know — a friend with benefits or reliable fuck. Your safety piece for when all else goes wrong, but you spent too much time on your makeup to waste the night.

That said, most of us probably haven’t thought much further ahead than that. And especially not with all first dates.

But you know who did? This guy.

So Lisette gets set up on a date by her friend

She decides to stay the the bar despite another friend telling her he sucks

Her friend was right — he sucks

Lisette realizes he double booked her

She decides to play along to help girl #2 out

He goes to get a drink and Lisette tells all

Suddenly girl #3 appears to meet him for her date

Now both the bartenders and the bouncer are in on this as well

The three girls decide to leave together, and leave him with the bill

The end

‘You’re a fuckboy, bye’

KIDDING! The bartender texts the girls to let them know he’s on another date

They decide to steal Girl #4 too

Now they’re all hanging out in a bar together

Aaaand girl #5 has landed

#5 decides to bait him, even though she’s on her way to meet the girls

Finally he catches on, and he messages girl #5 she’s ‘cut’

Now he’s back to square 1 — Or girl #1 rather

Finally, #5 is on board

And they invited everyone to their bar because apparently it’s ‘LIT’

Moral of the story? Make sure the bartenders are in on it and down to supply free drinks next time you think you might be meting up with a fuck boy.

Or, you know, have 5 dates lined up as well.

We’ve reached out to the stars of this iconic scheme for comment.