Thousands of fans are brutally harassing me after I wrote about beauty bloggers’ resemblance to the Kardashians


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Thousands of fans are brutally harassing me after I wrote about beauty bloggers’ resemblance to the Kardashians

How I became the target of thousands of people overnight

A few days ago when I wrote an article about beauty bloggers who look like Kim and Kylie, I wasn’t expecting to wake up to hundreds of Instagram notifications telling me I was a “nasty hoe” or “fat pig.”

Sonia and Fyza are two beauty bloggers from Dubai and Kuwait who look exactly like the Kardashians. I am a massive Kylie fan myself, and wish I had those thicc lips.

There were rumors floating around Twitter the girls looked different when they were young, and people were claiming the pair underwent plastic surgery. Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck if they did or didn’t. Girls should do what they want and I never personally said they underwent any surgery, just that some Twitter users found the resemblance suspect.

A few hours after writing the article, the bloggers followed me on Instagram

I was honestly excited. I hoped they liked my coverage of their Kardashian-esque look and the publicity it brought as other sites like Cosmo, Seventeen, and Harper’s Bazaar wrote about their girls and linked to our initial coverage.

But instead, they told me I was “breaking the law” by embedding a tweet from a gossip site.

When we replied and asked them to provide their side of the story for a separate article that would prove Twitter wrong, they realized we weren’t going to take the story down.

So they started to attack me.

One of the bloggers took to her Snapchat and Instagram story to explain her side. She listed the reasons she “doesn’t look like Kylie Jenner” and said she never hoped to look like her, despite having participated in a PopSugar celebrity lookalike article in the past.

And then shared a photo of me.

It included my full name, my Instagram handle, my face, and my location. She screen-grabbed it from my private Instagram account while we were following each other to DM about her concerns.

She called me a “horrible woman” who “blackmailed” her in front of thousands of followers.

Then, the hate started to flood in

Hundreds — possibly thousands — of people began to add me on Instagram, desperate to get into my account and comment nasty things on my photos. I got tons of DMs telling me I was stupid, fat, and ugly.

I was told karma would get me, I was willed to die, and I  was told I would rot in hell for ‘hating Muslims’

“Hate their religion”…?

I called a racist, a monster, and told I should stop eating

While I was disturbed by Fyza’s attempt to slander me, I was honestly just as disturbed by how willing people were to commit a crime — harassment and defamation — for an Internet “celebrity” they had never even met.

The same women who were telling me I should be empowering women with my writing, as though that’s not one of my goals as a writer, were telling me in the same breath I am a disgusting blob. The same women who were calling me out for “bullying” the bloggers were telling me to kill myself.

Suddenly, I was emailing Snapchat attempting to get my personal information off her story, blocking brands who were attempting to harass me online, and trying to explain to my mom why people were attacking me on the babe Instagram.

Bullying is never something fun to deal with. While I have a very strong sense of self and pride in who I am as a person, there are definitely times I read a nasty message from someone who doesn’t agree with me and start to question myself. Am I as terrible of a person as these people say I am? Should I be ashamed of my articles? Should I quit my career?

Many writers go through so much worse than this everyday trying to bring people much more important information than the existence of Kim Kardashian look-a-likes.

No one deserves to be harassed, not even these sisters. They deserve a quiet time where they can figure out why they hate being compared to the Kardashians, amazing women with a great sense of determination and pride.