Facebook’s days are numbered because (shocker!) it’s mostly moms using it


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Facebook’s days are numbered because (shocker!) it’s mostly moms using it

It’s like the Myspace of yesteryear

“Facebook will never go out of style,” we all collectively thought in 2007.

And for a long time, it didn’t. We were slightly less addicted, but that’s because we’d allowed our addictions to manifest elsewhere — alcohol, Tinder — but we still used Facebook. We still had the messenger app on our phones, allowing us to keep in touch with family members we don’t otherwise call, and it was a convenient way to remember old friends’ birthdays.

But when was the last time you posted on someone’s wall? When was the last time you held a discussion with someone under their profile picture?

According to a new report from eMarketer, users under the age of 25 are using Facebook less, while heading to Instagram and Snap more, and, here’s where it gets wild: Usage by 12-to-17-year-olds is expected to decline this year, which is the first time in Facebook usage any age group is estimated to drop, ever.

For young teens making their first online accounts, our generation was the guinea pigs, and they see us turning to more iPhone friendly forms of social media. We’ve become focused on image and aesthetics over messaging and connecting, and Facebook doesn’t seem to knows how to keep up.

If they want to keep people coming to them, they’re going to need to re-brand. But maybe that’s why they acquired Instagram in the first place.


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