Remember when the VMAs were actually good? Let’s reminisce together


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Remember when the VMAs were actually good? Let’s reminisce together

Snakes. Meat Dresses. Kanye being Kanye

There was once a time when the VMAs were legit the most anticipated award show of the season. Disagree? Turn on your location and fight me. Once, we could see all of our favorite music sensations gather in one place vying to win a Moonman.

Now, it’s like all these random bands performing who no one has ever heard of. Plus, when is the last time something super jaw dropping happened? Can’t remember?

That’s because the VMAs have sucked these past few years but in the spirit of the upcoming show, let’s take a look back at some of the incredible VMA moments that made the VMAs… well… good.

Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’

Oops, she did it again and fucking slayed the game when she brought out that yellow fucking snake. Has anyone ever done it like Brit? No, they haven’t.

Love On Top

She’s the Queen B for a reason and she makes all other pregnancy announcements look like classified ads.

Macy Gray’s Self-Promo

The original #ad. Macy did it for herself and you bet your ass we all bought the album.

When Taylor Swift got Kanye’d

Don’t feel too bad for her, she managed to milk this moment for… well… she’s still milking it, isn’t she?

Michael Jackson’s 1995 Medley

No one has ever or will ever do it like Michael. RIP to the King.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Imagine how many cheeseburgers that dress could’ve made. Lady Gaga is the queen of the stunt but this meat dress really went above and beyond.

Fiona Apple Calling The World Out

Fiona Apple saw right through the bullshit and reminded us all to be our fucking selves. A true icon.

Like a Virgin

Madonna changed the world with this performance and this outfit. Raise your hand if you’ve ever done Like a Virgin for Halloween. I know I have.

The. Kiss.

The kiss that rocked the world and shocked Justin Timberlake. Arguably the most iconic VMA moment of all time and it’s no surprise it features the Queen and Princess of Pop. Sorry, XTina, better luck next time.

Miley… what’s good?

Don’t come for her unless you want us all to turn on you. Keep Nicki’s name out of your mouth.



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