Break out the colorful planners and Xanax, it’s officially Virgo season


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Break out the colorful planners and Xanax, it’s officially Virgo season

I would say it’s our time to shine but we’re perfect 365 days a year

August 23rd marks the start of Virgo season – a time to celebrate the most perfect and important of all the star signs.

Why is Virgo so important, you ask? Your life is probably held together by one of these perfectionist freaks, tbh. Virgo's analytical mind and scary doggedness makes her the ultimate birthday party planner and the go-to friend for writing the perfect text message.

Basically, we're the best. The Virgos in your life are the ones who remind you when your taxes are due or will let you know when John just doesn't look at you like he used to.

And even if you don't have a Virgo mom or best friend whispering in your ear about your non-existent 401K, you at least benefit from the Queen of the Virgos — Beyoncé. Yes, that's right, Lemonade was penned by a Virgo. How else would such musical perfection be achieved?

So before you thank us for the birth of Beyoncé and your knowledge of the difference between stocks and bonds, remember we don't just like an empty "thank you." Virgos enjoy birthday gifts in the form of pretty gel pens, VISA giftcards, and an undying declaration of our superiority.

I would say it's our time to shine but we're perfect 365 days a year.

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