‘It’ll be awesome’: Teen on trial after allegedly helping his friend hang herself and filming it


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‘It’ll be awesome’: Teen on trial after allegedly helping his friend hang herself and filming it

He’s being called the male Michelle Carter

Utah teen Tyerell Przybycien is on trial this week, charged with the murder of his friend after allegedly encouraging and helping her commit suicide.

Police claim Przybycien, now 18, picked up 16-year-old Jchandra Brown from her work, bought a rope for her to hang herself with, and then drove her to a remote canyon and filmed her death.

Originally, authorities believed he was nothing mote than a traumatized witness in the case, but on Wednesday, a courtroom heard a video prosecutors allege Przybycien filmed right before Brown’s death, in which he allegedly talks her through it. According to authorities, the phone, with the recording on it, was found next to Brown’s body.

Here’s a transcript of what happened:

“Say something, please.

“Um, are you there? Move or something. Thumbs up if you’re OK.

“After 10 minutes passed, that’s when the brain stops getting any oxygen. I guess I’ll just leave this here now.”

Prosecutors also allege Przybycien researched methods and texted friends about how he wanted to help Brown kill herself.

Another friend has come forward and claimed Przybycien texted him a few weeks earlier, saying “The thing is…I wanna help kill them. It’ll be awesome.”

The texts continued:

“Seriously I’m going to help her. It’s like getting away with murder! I’m so fucked up. I’m seriously not joking. Its going down in about a week or two,” he wrote, according to court documents.

Brown’s mother is now accusing Przybycien of “grooming” her to go through with the suicide.

Przybycien has also been charged with possession of child pornography.

This comes just weeks after Michelle Carter, 20, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after texting her boyfriend to suicide.

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