Sex IRL: The girl who only cums when Daddy tells her to


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Sex IRL: The girl who only cums when Daddy tells her to

‘I’m on my knees in the shower sucking Daddy’s dick again’

Sex IRL is a series by babe dedicated to detailing the ups, downs and in-betweens of real girls’ sex lives. It’s unfiltered, graphic and, most importantly, real. This week, a 28-year-old executive assistant, has a special night with her DaddyDom who she’s been with for about a year. 28, straight, New York City.

Day one

9 a.m. I wake up and check my messages. "How's Daddy's pussy feeling?" God I love him. He's so great about never letting me forget I am his. I hope that never changes. I tell him how my pussy misses him and he's all I'll be thinking about during my shoot. He reminds me how much he loves me and he wants me to feel so special today. Now all I can think about is his hand around my throat and his cock buried inside me. Daddy is the only good thing that ever came from downloading Tinder. About a year ago today I started saying “fuck it,” and swiping right on his somewhat anonymous, kinky profile is one of the best chances I’ve ever taken.

7 p.m. My photographer friend secured the penthouse to shoot in – I'm getting some sexy photos taken. I'm straddling a chair in a matching set. High cut, blue lace… very different from my role of attentive executive assistant at a major fashion brand. Suddenly I am aware of every muscle in my body at once. The city is behind me and it’s one of those moments where life makes sense.

8:30 p.m. My second look – velvet, mesh, and gold appliques topped with a black velvet kimono. Walking around the Lower East Side in six-inch patent leather ankle boots is easier than you think. Strangers passing are throwing me snaps. “Yasss Qween!” “Work!” Again comes that feeling of being right where I’m supposed to be.

Day two

9:30 a.m. Daddy calls. I scramble to answer the phone. He's only ever voice called me twice so this very special. He asks me how yesterday went and I give him the highlight reel while my hands are sneaking down to my thighs. He asks if I'm naked and where my hands are. Fuck. Daddy always knows. I keep our clothes pins by my bed and he tells me to put one on my left nipple and one on my pussy, right side. He allows me to rub my clit till I cum. I thank him when I finish, the way he taught me the night we first met. He tells me to stay in bed the rest of the day so I am better for our special night next week. We say goodbye and I fall back asleep with a smile.

4:30 p.m. I’m scheduled for a massage. There's a full length mirror in front of the table and with the dim candle light my body looks extra sexy. I stop on my knees for a second and debate a photo for Daddy, but I know my therapist will be back any second.

9 p.m. Before I get in bed I text Daddy to thank him for checking on me today. He told me earlier to edge lots tonight. I had already planned on it. I want to be crawling the walls by the time our hotel night arrives. I bring myself close to cumming several times, stopping just before I orgasm.

Day three

9:30 a.m. I wake up to Daddy messaging me back. "You're mine baby xoxo". An involuntary moan escapes my lips. I miss him so much. I remember that yesterday he said I could cum twice today. My hand reaches under the covers to slip off my panties and I'm already wet just from his text.

2 p.m. I dive into an internet rabbit hole about BDSM. I’m fairly new to actually living the lifestyle, and with that in mind, it’s crucial to keep my wits about me. I try to always be educating myself. I’ve known I wanted this from a very young age. This is the type of porn that I constantly sought out and it turned me on the most. My brain is always analyzing and I’m pragmatic to a fault. Being a physical person AND finding a way to turn my brain off by handing control to someone else is basically my personal nirvana. Not to mention, that fine line between pleasure and pain is better than the best weed.

11:30 p.m. I get to cum one more time today. I rub my clit while thinking about Daddy spanking me and his tongue between my legs.

Day four

7:45 a.m. Daddy texts and reminds me I have two more nights to rest my "flawless" body before he uses me like never before. Fuck. I seriously can't wait. It's been far too long. This will be the first time we have ever woken up together so I’m incredibly excited.

9 a.m. Daddy and I exchange messages while heading to work. I describe to him all the things I thought of while I got off last night. I tell him how much I miss his fingerprints on my thighs and he guarantees they’ll be there soon and much much more.

9 p.m. I'm home from Zumba and feeling a little emotional. Probably a combination of sick and hungry. It's been far too long since I've been touched and it's starting to have an effect on me. Typically I see Daddy every other week, but sometimes there are these bullshit three-week gaps. He knows I fucking hate that and loves to hear about my ache for him. I saw him briefly a week ago for a drink, but it wasn't enough. I need his hands.

Day five

7:30 a.m. Daddy texts – he got off to one of the photos I sent from the shoot. I’m wet and frustrated. I tell him how last night I felt a little nuts. There are no secrets from Daddy. He loves when I miss him like crazy, and promises he will be taking good care of me soon.

10 a.m. Daddy says he wants me to edge all night and all morning. He is bringing wine to the hotel that he wants to lick off every part of me. YES PLEASE.

Day six

7:30 a.m. Daddy texts “Good Morning” and I look at my phone with a happy sigh. I tell him all the ways I am excited to see him. He is excited to see me too and assures there will be plenty of marks on my body as a result.

1:30 p.m. I go over all the things I want to bring. Nipple clamps, cuffs, close pins, etc. You know…the essentials.

4:30 p.m. I’ve hardly been in the room long when Daddy walks in. I melt. So sexy. After some kissing and biting and more kissing I get on my knees to show him with my mouth how much I’ve missed him. He moves me by my hair and bends me over the bed to start slowly pumping his cock in and out of me. I hungrily push back into him and he corrects me with a quick hard spank. He stands me up and tells give him a tour of our kingdom for the night. I walk him around the hotel room never letting go of his cock as instructed. He presses me up against the windowed balcony door as he warms up my ass even more. Suddenly he stands me up and rips off the lace top I am wearing and my thong. I’ve been fucking waiting for this and I feel myself getting wetter. He gets down on his knees to lick my pussy and suck and bite my clit. He fucks me from behind with my tits on the glass and lets me cum. I crawl to the bed and he puts me down on all fours and fucks me deep and hard on every inch. I cum a few times for him, always asking first. At one point room service comes with a complimentary bottle of wine and totally sees his dick. Hilarious.

6:15 p.m. Daddy’s also cum a few times and I greedily lick it from everywhere I can reach. He holds me close and caresses my body, kissing every inch of my face. When I am with Daddy, no matter where we are, nothing else exists. We get in the shower and soap each other’s bodies. He fucks me up against the tall shower window, squeezing me tight everywhere, the way that I love. We finally get out of the shower and start to get ready for dinner. Thankfully the restaurant is only downstairs and of course, being a guy, he is ready quickly. He kissed me deeply and tells me not to rush. He wants me to feel super sexy when I come down.

8 p.m. I finally meet Daddy downstairs. He told me to take my time…big mistake. Everything has to be perfect and I can’t get my fucking dress zipped. I get a text that says “come now” Daddy LOVES the dress more than I could have hoped and I think it excuses my tardiness. Dinner is lovely and we talk about us. My face hurts from smiling because he is always the perfect combination of sweet and filthy with me. We talk about us, emotional baggage and our families. As you can imagine, being vulnerable around each other comes easy. Raw openness is one of the things I love about us. Comes with the territory. The food was mediocre, but it doesn’t even matter because we are laser focused on each other. Daddy is my king. After our meal is finished I go up to the room first with instructions on how to wait for him.

9:45 p.m. Daddy instructed me to pull a chair to the balcony door and wait for him on my knees. Daddy walks in and comes to sit in the chair, striking me right away. My nerves get best of me and I feel too many emotions bubble up at once. I take his cock down my throat and try to relax. It’s always effective in calming me. He stands me up to admire my outfit. I’ve successfully turned out a serious look. His jaw drops and he is moving his mouth, but no words are coming out. He drags me to the bed and lays me on my stomach. I see him hold his belt high and panic, begging him to warm me up with the belt too. I forget the amount of pain I can take, but Daddy always knows. He calms me quickly and has me video myself sucking his cock, knowing this will relax me. He brings the belt back out and uses it on my ass with an increasing crescendo of intensity. We play a little more and after a break he instructs me to lie on the table of the sitting area in our room, and cuffs my hands behind my back, clamps on my nipples. He starts to put the clothes pins on various parts of my body – my thighs, my labia, and the skin over my hip bone. All the while teasing my clit and making me beg to cum.

12 a.m. I wake up. We both passed out from all the play. I snuggle close to him after turning off the lights, looking forward to the filthy things I know will come during night.

2 a.m. I wake up and reach for Daddy’s cock, stroking it to rock hard. I lick and suck in the darkness till he comes down my throat.

4 a.m. I feel him press behind me and spread me open. He fucks me with his hand around my throat, whispering in my ear what a good slut I am. He cums just after he allows me to. Then he puts a clothes pin on each of my thighs and tells me to sleep for an hour before taking them off.

Day seven

8:30 a.m. Daddy turns over with his cock looking perfect and hard. We fuck all morning and he leaves more marks all over my body with his mouth. The morning and middle of the night are when I feel the dirtiest, so I beg him to fuck my tight little pussy. Daddy’s pussy.

10:30 a.m. Room service arrives and I sit between his legs and eat my pancakes while we drink coffee. Little play isn’t my thing, but I love to be at his feet. Small, like he could reach over and make me disappear into him. I request he spank me over his lap before we go. He adds that he will finish me with his belt. My ass burns deliciously from his hands, and he moves on to his belt. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. He asks if I’ve had enough and it’s always difficult for me to say. I never want it to stop. He goes on a bit longer and I start to feel dizzy from the pleasure. I sneak in the bathroom while he’s brushing his teeth to show him how wet being over his lap has made me.

11:30 a.m. I’m on my knees in the shower sucking Daddy’s dick again. He presses me up against the shower window to fuck me once more, smacking my ass as he plows into me. The echo from being spanked in the shower might be one of my favorite sounds ever.

12:30 p.m. We agree that we feel both exhausted and rejuvenated. I breathe him in as much as I can while he waits with me for my car. He promises to come over next week so he can admire the marks he’s left.

3 p.m. I’m curious to see all the marks he’s left on me and strip down in front of my large mirror to inspect my body. The shape of his mouth is everywhere. On my stomach, my back. His finger tips are scattered on my tits from squeezing them tight. I bend over and it gets even better. There are marks from the clothes pins, his mouth, and hands all hiding there. I message him about my complete delight in what I’ve discovered. Daddy always takes such good care of me.

9 p.m. I get in bed wearing his white tee. I’m allowed to cum when I wear it and smelling him makes that easy. I rub my clit till I cum hard, replaying all the moments from the past 24 hrs. I was made for Daddy.

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