Are you even surprised that these are the worst states to be a woman in America?


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Are you even surprised that these are the worst states to be a woman in America?

Texas makes you take out ‘rape insurance’ for abortions

A new study just ranked Utah, Virginia and Texas as the worst states to be a woman in 2017, with Utah coming in last at 50th, and Virginia a close second.

Alternatively, Hawaii was ranked best.

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The study was based off three factors: Workplace environment, education and health, and political empowerment. But in order to determine where each state stood, it compared the 50 states across 15 key indicators of gender equality and then categorized them.

With last week’s news that women in Texas need to take out “rape insurance” for abortions, it’s hardly shocking to see some of these states at the bottom of the list. “Restrictive Texas policies and horrible state leadership harms women with every new legislative decision,” Amanda, a 24-year-old babe staffer from San Antonio, told us. “It’s an even worse situation if you’re LGBTQIA+ or undocumented.”

But certain things did come as a surprise. For example, the study says that Connecticut and New Jersey are the worst states for women in the workplace.

Hayley, 21, a resident of Norwalk, CT, was similarly taken aback: “It honestly surprises me that we were voted the worst, because I think of us as very progressive here,” she told us.

“I’ve worked in three different establishments in Connecticut — one froyo place and two retail stores — and I’ve never had a bad experience. But then again, both retail stores were women’s retail stores, and the staff was entirely women.”

Hawaii finished with a final score of 71.61, with Utah cashing in at 33.58 — as is common for the Beehive State. Of the three factors, Utah scored highest for themselves in education and health rank, and lowest in political empowerment.

With 72 percent of Utah women in the job force, compared to 74 percent nationally, it does remain shocking to see just how few rights those women have when personal questions come into play.

In terms of workplace environment, Nevada scored highest on the list, with Hawaii taking the lead for education and health rank, and Nevada swiping first place for political empowerment.

The worst state for health and education is Utah, and for political empowerment, Louisiana, with 87 percent more male lawmakers than female.


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