OK, I think I’m finally ready for ‘Solo September’


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OK, I think I’m finally ready for ‘Solo September’

Ditch dudes and date yourself

Summer is a time when you're consumed with sun, frosé, and fuckboys but even though your tan will persist into September, none of your fuckboys should follow.

Yes, fall should be about finding a Fallbae™ but it's going to take time to start new things and meet new people. Fallbae™'s can't be cultivated overnight so in the meantime you should take September to realign yourself and focus on you. It's time to Eat, Pray, and Love the fuck out of yourself for the month of September.

Because at the end of the day if you're out of touch with yourself then you can't expect to find the right guy to touch you.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life but summer is a fabulous fairytale escape from the realities of the rest of the year that makes us blind to a lot of shit we do to ourselves. If you don't take time to yourself and try to get back in touch with you then you're seriously handicapped heading into winter. Winter is coming and you want to be in peak physical, mental, and emotional health to handle the cold weather and early sunsets.

For September stop being a messy bitch who lives for drama and become a clean woman who's got her shit together. Let's stop pretending we don't need Solo September. We do. So cut those fuckboys loose and sign up for SoulCycle. Yourself is waiting.


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