You gotta stop getting relationship advice from bitches even messier than you


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You gotta stop getting relationship advice from bitches even messier than you

Plus: A handy checklist to know if they’re worth asking for help

If you and your best friends are all ~single ladies~ then there is one thing you need to stop doing immediately: asking them for relationship advice.

The truth of the matter is your friends have no idea what they're doing — just like you. Maybe the reason you're all single is because you're all giving shit advice?

How many times have you ever asked your friends for advice about a guy, followed that advice, and then everything crashed and burned? Even your friends who are "relationship girls" and never single probably don't have great advice for dating because they're never actually dating, they're just hopping from one lily pad to another. We're all idiots when it comes to love so why are we listening to their advice?

Should You Listen To Her Advice?: A Checklist

If she's done five of more of these things, do not listen to her:

Thrown up in an Uber

Has welcomed a guy who ghosted her previously back into her life

Still shops at Forever 21

Drinks vodka sodas with "just a splash of cran, thanks so muchhh"

Can't remember the last time she had sex

Had sex two hours ago

Has never had a relationship

Thinks Sex & the City is the height of relationship advice

Has never seen Sex & the City

Has a "Girl Power" playlist on Spotify

Has been blocked by her exes on social media

Triple texts every guy she dates

Has more than two dating apps on her phone

Posts a lot of Boomerangs

Doesn't eat carbs

Eats too many carbs

Claims to have never masturbated

But why are we even asking for advice? Is it because we think they're going to tell us what we want to hear and confirm our feelings? Or are we hoping someone will finally give us the brutal truth?

If you're seeking advice so you can confirm your feelings then skip the advice and just do what you feel like you need to. If you're looking for brutal truth then ask yourself why you need it to begin with.

Whichever the motive is for seeking your friend's advice there's also something we always forget: no one knows the relationship like you do so even if your friends are giving good advice it might not be relevant to your situation.

We need to stop assuming that all guys are the same. We can infer things based on behavior but just because your friend's ex used to text her every three days because he had bad service doesn't mean that your guy has bad service. Maybe your guy texts you every three days because he just doesn't give a shit about you.

Stop seeking advice to justify your own situations. We all have different Stop asking your friends for advice. Besides, you don't even listen to them half the time. Follow your instincts and if your instincts lead you astray, well, at least you'll have your trainwreck friends to lean on.


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