Listen up! ‘Nipple orgasms’ are actually a thing and surprisingly easy to achieve


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Listen up! ‘Nipple orgasms’ are actually a thing and surprisingly easy to achieve

Don’t skip the nip

If you thought there were only two types of orgasms, you thought wrong. It's entirely possible for you to achieve orgasm via your nipples. No, really. It is. I know I sound like I'm full of shit (and I am, but about other things), but I did my research on this.

I can't speak for everyone because all bodies are different but both males and females are capable of having nipple orgasms. And if you're curious enough to see if you're one of the lucky ones, here are tips on how to possibly achieve a nipgasm:

Start Slow

Breasts are sensitive beasts so start slow. Have your partner massage, rub, squeeze, etc. at a slow pace at first before slowing turning up the speed. The closer the body comes to orgasm, the more stimulation it can handle.

Biting / Pinching

Everyone's nipples are different so some people might be able to handle a more aggressive form of biting and pinching than someone else. It's important to know your body and your limits but once you do, have you partner start to bite and pinch your breasts and nipples.

Licking / Sucking / Kissing

Pick your poison. Maybe it's a combo of all three. The key is to have your partner use their lips as extra stimulation. Maybe their lips steal the show. Maybe their lips are doing a great assist while they massage you with their hands. Who knows? The world is your oyster but don't skip the lips.

Temperature Change

Not for the faint of heart but adding an ice cube to your quest for the nipgasm sounds like frozen fun. Your nipples will instantly react to the coldness of the ice, becoming hard and erect. To spice things up, have your partner run the ice cub over your breasts and nipples with their mouth.


Nipple clamps, for one, are great for those with less sensitive nipples who might be able to handle the pressure and extreme relief/pleasure one experiences when the clamps are removed. If clamps aren't your thing, try a feather teaser. The tickling sensation could 10/10 have you seeing stars.

Whether you try just one of these or go for all of them, make sure to have a clear, present mind when you do. You'll never be able to reach an orgasm if your mind is preoccupied. Remember, everyone's bodies are different and there's no guarantee you'll be able to have a nipgasm but half the fun is trying, right?