The White House doesn’t care about your sexual assault


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The White House doesn’t care about your sexual assault

They’ve removed a crucial report from their site

Yesterday, Alexandra Brodsky, a civil rights attorney and co-founder of anti-sexual violence organization KnowYourIX, discovered the White House had removed the “Rape And Sexual Assault: Renewed Call To Action” report from its website.

Brodsky told HuffPost that she went looking for the report for a client but that it was nowhere to be found on the White House website.

According to the Obama Administration archives, the 2014 report is "part of an unprecedented national effort to address alarming rates of sexual assault on college campuses." It was published by the White House Council on Women and Girls in association with Vice-President Biden.

As of now, there is no comment from the White House regarding the removal of the report but should we be surprised? We have a sitting president who proudly admitted to sexual assault. It shouldn't come as a shock, then, to learn he and his administration do not take sexual assault seriously, nor do they care if you do.

Additionally, Brodsky told Huffpost “this is a summary of really important and, in some cases, government-funded work that was done to understand the causes and effects of sexual and gender violence. What does it mean that the Trump administration doesn’t want the public to have that information?"

I know what it means, Alexandra. It means that 45 and his administration do not care about sexual assault. They have more pressing matters to attend to, like building walls and taking away healthcare.


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