Everything you know if you’re a makeup enthusiast who can’t do her makeup


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Everything you know if you’re a makeup enthusiast who can’t do her makeup

Still don’t know what primer is

You've heard the old "You can't have your cake and eat it too" saying that only just made you really want cake. Being a makeup enthusiast but not knowing concealer goes on before foundation (or is it the other way around) is like really wanting cake but not knowing how to turn on an oven.

The other day I asked a makeup artist what primer was. That would seem like a completely normal thing to ask if I hadn't spent the last 20 minutes browsing through MAC acting like I knew what the fuck I was doing. She thought I was joking and when she realized I was full on serious she just said "It primes your face" before showing me the door with her eyes.

That's what you get when you're a makeup enthusiast who literally knows nothing about makeup. That, and so much more:

You have no idea what most of the palettes you own do

Could be blush, could be contour, could not even be makeup idk. It's NARS though so I'm keeping it.

You're still not sure if concealer goes on before or after foundation


You discovered primer recently but aren't sure what it does

You're also not sure if it makes your makeup look any better…

There's definitely dust on your eyelash curler from lack of use

Always worried I'm going to yank mine off anyway.

You have at least 15 makeup brushes but only use two of them

You genuinely don't know what they do but you know you should be using them.

Barely used but with me everywhere

Barely used but with me everywhere

You'll never try and contour yourself for fear of fucking up

So you make your friend who actually knows what she's doing give you some beautiful angles.

You've used blush AND highlighter on your cheeks

Can you use both? Not sure. I just want my cheekbones to be warm but also shine like diamonds.

You usually do your makeup in bad lighting

Wow, I did not mean to do this dark smokey eye for brunch.

You follow a ton of makeup artists and watch all their videos

They are blessed with a gift that can't be replicated.

But have never attempted their looks

Nope, I'm still trash.

You're always rocking the natural makeup look but that's because you don't know how to do anything else

This is literally me using all of my tools.

You always play along as if you know the makeup brand your friends are talking about

Ah, yes, Glossier. Love their mascara.

Whenever you spend hours on a look you'll wear that shit for 24 hours straight

I did not follow a Youtube tutorial to go home at 1am, Jen. This face needs to be seen!

You've definitely bought the wrong shade in everything

This is very much not the soft pink I thought it would be.

When someone compliments your makeup it's better than getting told 'I love you'

Which makes you think you actually know what you're doing, until it's time to do your makeup again.


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