We spoke to the legendary girl going viral for these romantic photo booth pics with her tits out


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We spoke to the legendary girl going viral for these romantic photo booth pics with her tits out

True love means never having to put ’em away

I know we all love to throw around the phrase "relationship goals" but I don't think I ever meant it until now. No, seriously. Fuck Romeo and Juliet, forget the endless slew of famous British people in Love Actually, forget every porn you've ever seen.

All I care about now is the unbreakable romance of Chyna and Erick, an LA couple redefining everything I thought I knew about love.

Over the weekend, Chyna Webb, 20, and her 18-year-old boyfriend hit up the LA County Fair. For mere mortals, that means like, taking an Instagram story of cotton candy or whatever the fuck. Chyna and Erick decided to hit the photo booth (classic) but decided at the exact same time that the pics would be way better (agree) if they had some fun. Boobs come out, mouths come out. It's casual. And thus, a viral tweet was born:

Yes, that is Erick with her mouth on her titty. Yes, it's the most romantic thing I've ever seen. Chyna told babe it was both their idea to take the photos but she never thought it would blow up the way it did.

"We're like two middle schoolers in love," Chyna says about their inability to keep their hands to themselves. Erick jokes to her that now that his friends have seen the pictures, they know what he's got to work with.

Like all things viral and nipple-related, Chyna says the attention isn't without haters. "Weird people are asking to show them my nips, but I couldn't care less because it's a joke for me and him to laugh about."

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes their sex life is as wild as the pictures. Chyna says they hooked up at the same fair last year and got busted. "We can get down anywhere," she says.

Lucky bitch.


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