A step-by-step guide to nailing your Wonder Woman makeup this Halloween


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A step-by-step guide to nailing your Wonder Woman makeup this Halloween

A step-by-step guide

There’s no doubt Diana’s look will be one of the most popular looks this Halloween. Here’s how to create a comic book style Wonder Woman:

What you’ll need:

• Highlighter
• Dark eyeshadow (black, brown, dark blue)
• Warm brown eyeshadow
• Cream concealer
• Red/ burgundy eyeshadow
• Gold eyeshadow
• Pearl eyeshadow or just highlighter
• Black eyeliner (liquid or gel)
• Black liner pencil
• White liquid or gel liner
• Liquid gold eyeshadow
• Red liquid eyeliner or red star shaped sticker and lash glue
• Candy red matte lipstick
• Full dramatic false lashes and glue
• Black mascara
• A black wig if you’re going all out

Step 1: Start with a freshly beat face sans the eye makeup and highlighter.

Step 2: Highlight the fuck out of your face.

Place it everywhere from the nose, chin, highpoint of the cheeks, collar bones and shoulders.

Step 3: Perfect your smokey eye

After primer and powder is applied if needed, start with a dark shadow. If you are nervous about using a dark color initially, you can build up to it by applying a lighter color first then a darker one, and so on.

Place the dark shadow on the outer corner of your eye to create a wing of sorts. Then blend the dark color into the brow bone by using a warmer, brownish color to transition it.

Do so but using a fluffy brush and place the warm color on top of the dark color and blend your heart out. Bring this across the entire crease in order to provide depth.

Step 4: Carve out your lid using a cream concealer.

This allows you to create whatever eye shape you desire. I was going for something fierce so I made sure to elongate my eye shape.

Then take the dark color from earlier and smoke out the lower lash line and blend it out.

Use the cream concealer with a small, hard, flat brush for the most control.

Step 5: Once the smokey eye is done, start adding color to your lids

Add a reddish color to the outer center of the eye. Then place a gold shadow in the inner center of the eye and blend it with the reddish color next to it.

By “outer center” I mean the middle of the lid but more towards the outer corner, not directly in the middle. Be sure to blend the reddish color into the dark color.

Add an inner corner highlight with a pearl color and blend it into the gold. To blend the lid, take a thinner fluffy brush and the transition shade you used earlier and blend the top of the lid with the brow bone and underneath the brow.

Step 6: Wing it out with dark black wing liner.

Use gel, pencil, liquid, whatever is easiest for you.

Step 7: Tight line the eyes with a black eyeliner pencil.

This can easily be done by placing the pencil in the outer corner of the eye, close the eye, and drag the pencil along your closed lash lines. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt, it just looks scary.

Step 8: Add white liquid liner to your inner eye

Elongate and make the eyes look “cat like” by using white liquid liner and create a curve pointed shape, following the natural line of the eye and fill it in.

Step 9: Outline that new inner corner with black liner, do so slowly!

Connect the new white liner with black outline with the wing on the lid in the inner corner so it looks seamless.

Step 10: Outline all your facial features with the black liner

Eyebrows, cheekbones, jaws, neck, nose, cupid’s bow, and chin.

Step 11: Draw your headband

Create a big letter “M’ across your forehead with liquid liner to make the outline of the headband. Try to get it in the center as much as possible.

Fill in the outline with a liquid gold eyeshadow or scrape a pressed gold shadow and mix it with primer, setting spray, or water to create your own.

Add some gold sparkle and create a red star on the headband with either red liner or just get a red star sticker and use lash glue to paste it on.

Step 12: Use white liner around the face to make it look more 2D.

Put in places that would naturally shine like the brow bone, nose, collar bone, etc.

Step 13: Paint on some bright red lipstick.

Outline the lips with the liner and create a gradient so that the lips are darker in the corners and lighter in the middle.

Add white liner to make the lips look extra glossy.

Step 14: Glue on some dramatic full lashes and put mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Bonus step: Wig out

Conquer Halloween!

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