How to take a gym selfie without looking like the narcissist you definitely are


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How to take a gym selfie without looking like the narcissist you definitely are

#Fitspo, am I right?

We get it, you SoulCycle. You mustered up the energy to go to the gym to complete your daily Beach Body workout. Congratulations to you for treating your body like a temple while I treat mine like a 7/11 parking lot.

But just because you tried to better yourself through exercise it doesn't mean that you can shove all of your ~gains~ in our faces. Do you know how triggering it is to see ten different people with the hashtag #fitlife after you've just shoved a cheeseburger down your gullet?

You need to ask yourself if posting a gym selfie is something you really want to do. And if it is, fine, but there's a way to do it without the PLEASECOMPLIMENTANDFUCKME subtext. I mean, that's what we all want, but they key is to not be so oooobvious about it.

There's a right way to post a gym selfie without being an obnoxious narcissist. I mean, you'll still look like a narcissist but at least you won't be an annoying one.

Don't do a fake pose

If you're in the gym you shouldn't look cute. Period. Posing with your back arched and your butt out and your shirt lifted so we can see your abs is rude as hell.

If you still want to post a selfie so the world can know that you can afford to join Equinox, fine, but don't be fake as fuck about it.

Be sweaty

If you're going to flood our feed with a photo of you at the gym, look like you just worked out so that it can make me question ordering Dominos again.

The honest gym selfie will earn the #Fitspo hashtag a hell of a lot faster than your fake selfie you took before spin class even started.

Have a funny caption

A funny caption says you know you're being an asshole posting this photo of you at the gym. A funny caption, at least, makes us hate you a little less because it's harder to hate on someone who hates on themselves first.

There is a difference between a funny caption like "Yeah, no don't put me down for cardio" and a basic caption like "Muscles & Mascara." Know the difference.

There's a difference between posting a photo that's going to make people super excited for you and all of your hard work in the gym and a photo that's going to make people screenshot it and talk shit about it in their group chat.

Don't be the girl people screenshot. #Namaste