I have an announcement to make: Only psychos date people with the same name as an ex


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I have an announcement to make: Only psychos date people with the same name as an ex

How are you not immediately triggered?

Anyone who dates someone with the same name as one of their exes is a complete and utter psychopath. It's an indisputable fact. Do not @ me.

Right from the start you know your relationship is doomed. History repeats itself and if you don't already have a good history with that name then what makes you think this time will be different?

Hint: it won't. And only insane people are willing to take that kind of risk again.

Not only would you constantly be reminded of your ex every time you say their name but you'd constantly be comparing them. Does new Mark make his eggs the same way as old Mark? Does Sasha go down on you the same way ex-Sasha did? Why does new Charley spell his name differently than old Charlie? You'd be in a constant state of confused comparison.

Also, there are some people who won't have gotten the break up memo and will think this Alex is the same as ex-Alex. Why would anyone want to be put in that kind of awkward situation of having to explain that no, this is a new Alex. Oh, what happened to old Alex? He's a lying, cheating, womanizing bastard. Only a psycho would live for that kind of drama.

Sure, if the break up was long enough ago that the hurt and resentment and anger is gone then perhaps, maybe, it's fine dating someone with the same name as an ex but still… why would you do that to yourself?

I polled both men and women asking whether or not they thought it was weird to date someone with the same name as their ex. The results?


"I don't care but always gonna be a bit hesitant whenever I meet a Trisha. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal."


"It's super weird and even if you're the best person on the planet I have PTSD from someone with your name so it won't ever work."


"No freaking joke I've casually dated 4 Mikes. The first of which was serious and then disastrous so I question why I ever even spoke to another one after that."


"Totally not a big deal. Who cares? It's just a name."


"Eh, not a big deal."


"I've dated two people named Nick and it was definitely funny explaining to friends and family, like "nope, it's a new one," but Nick is also a common name, so I don't necessarily think it's that wild. I will try to avoid dating a third one however."


"I would not date a Michelle right now. Or ever again, really."


"Absolutely will never date another girl with the same name as an ex. Never."


"I have dated someone with the same name as my ex and didn't care much about the name I was just like, "hey what do you know? I just have a thing for David's" but like I'm also not gonna deny the fact that I may be psycho ?"

Okay so it seems like some people don't think it's a big deal but the majority of people do. That's because they're sane people. Not psychos like Taylor Swift.