People are calling Netflix’s #RealityHigh the new mean girls and like, how dare they?!


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People are calling Netflix’s #RealityHigh the new mean girls and like, how dare they?!

Stop trying to make it happen!

The Netflix original movie #RealityHigh premiered today and the uneducated humans of Twitter are already calling it "the new Mean Girls." As if Regina George could ever be replaced.

There's lots of flaws in calling a movie produced in 2017 – certifiably the worst year of human existence – a classic. First off, the movie has no one liners that will be casually used in every social situation like "You go, Glen Coco!"

And while the characters are all cute af and the representation is incredible, they're kind of forgettable when you put them next to Karen who tells the weather with her tits and the rapping Kenny G.

One of the most iconic parts of Mean Girls was its witty portrait of High School stereotypes in a way that really hadn't been done before. While #RealityHigh might paint social media stereotypes to a tee, we've seen film after film do it. Did no one watch Emily Osment in Cyberbully? I did in 7th grade and cried myself the fuck to sleep.

Really, #RealityHigh is just a big supercut of past high school movies. It has the popular clique like Mean Girls. It has the Queen Bee outing the main character like A Cinderella Story. And it has the redemptive video at the end like Easy A. I mean, just look at the trailer:

That doesn't make it bad, it just makes it no where near as iconic as Mean Girls. So sit the fuck down, and go back to worshipping Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams for their contributions to American pop culture. Thank you.

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