Rihanna hates the guy she lost her virginity to (same) but at least I didn’t have to talk about it in a magazine


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Rihanna hates the guy she lost her virginity to (same) but at least I didn’t have to talk about it in a magazine

Bet that dude is still telling the story

Of course, Rihanna looks nothing short of stunning on Elle's October cover wearing nothing but Fenty Beauty. But we've exhausted talking about how perfect she is. I mean, we've been doing it for 10 years now.

We expect her to be beautiful, we expect her to consistently drop certified bangers, and we expect her to outdo everybody else. Always.

Rihanna just gets it, which is why her saying she regrets the person she lost her virginity to more than anything else is so refreshing. It's a nice reminder that while she looks like an impossibly perfect alien sent to Earth to make us all feel ugly, she is in fact human and not so different from us. (Especially after getting a look at the guy she's dating now.)

While talking to Elle magazine for the October issue, she was asked by David Copperfield where she would choose to go if she could disappear and reappear anywhere in the world, at any given time.

Her response? "10 minutes before I lost my virginity… and I’m holding you to that offer."

And girls couldn't agree more

Melanie, 21, says the guy she lost her virginity to cried after, and told her he'd "never look at her the same" again. Which, to be fair, sounds awful. Kind of hard to order an uber with someone unloading on you like that.

Casey, 23, told us she hates the first person she slept with and wishes she could undo it as well. "I totally agree with Rih," she says, "He was a few years older than me (I mean, he was in college!) and my first ~serious~ boyfriend. I thought we were in love but spoiler alert! We were not."

Monica, 23, lost her virginity to a guy she says she "loved" at the time as a way to make him like her, and the next week she says he ended up asking her for her friend's number.

Emily, 20, even says the first guy she slept with "ruined" her ability to enjoy sex for a while.

What we're basically all wondering is if we could get a re-do card as well. Rihanna's first time may have sucked, but mine did too and I don't have Grammys and a Saudi billionaire to help dry my tears.


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