What the hell is going on between Nicki Minaj and John Mayer?


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What the hell is going on between Nicki Minaj and John Mayer?

I did NOT see this coming

Ever since John Mayer became the first heartthrob turned fuckboy to really age with his fans into a new and horrible time, most of his choices have been pretty (read: extremely) controversial.

He's super down with cultural appropriation, dresses way too well to trust, and still sings about Katy Perry?

It really seemed like all hope was lost, and Continuum Mayer was never to return.

Until he tweeted at Nicki Minaj


What's even more insane, is that she replied

Just glad she used some of his earlier (better) lyrics.

Even Mayer, himself, couldn't believe it

He was shook to the core that her tastes had gone so steeply downhill.

For a moment it seemed like Minaj was going to fall straight into his falsetto dick sand

But then she woke the fuck up and remembered who she is.

And while she probably is just "asking for a friend," if anyone harbored the power to bring the good John Mayer back, it would be her.

Maybe them getting together would be a positive thing after all?

And fans think they might.

He's going to have to have to step up his game though. Minaj doesn't "hold."


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