Why the fuck do people like ‘Rick and Morty’?


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Why the fuck do people like ‘Rick and Morty’?

And what is a Pickle Rick?

Last year, two of my best guy friends showed up on Halloween dressed as cheap imitations of Back to the Future characters. I was swiftly informed, however, that they weren't Back to the Future but Rick and Morty from their favorite show, aptly titled Rick and Morty.

What the fuck is Rick and Morty? I wondered.

Rick and Morty is another cartoon that guys can't get enough of except the guys who like Rick and Morty are a step above basement dwelling goblins.

The guys who like Rick and Morty consider themselves slightly more intellectually superior than South Park and possibly have girlfriends but also don't miss a chance to mansplain anything they can. They also don't think women are funny.

Rick and Morty is basically a cult for misogynists and Bernie Bros and this is why it sucks:

Dude writers

They went a full two seasons without a single female writer which screams: we couldn't get laid in high school and sort of hate women but pretend we love them but omg we just smoked a J and how funny is this weird new bit we came up with?

Rick isn't aged appropriately

Rick is supposed to be a grandpa???? But looks too young to be a grandpa??? Also, though like he's weirdly hot for a grandpa cartoon and I'm uncomfortable with that thought.

Weirdly depressing

Okay idk maybe it's me but when I go to watch a cartoon I want to be uplifted and feel as though my adult life isn't complete and total shit. Rick and Morty can be super depressing? And make you very aware of your mortality and like, yes it's funny but also why are you making me this depressed you're a cartoon???

Morty is the worst

He's a killjoy most of the time. Idk kid maybe have a little fun? You won't be young forever so enjoy your wacky grandpa and your wacky adventures because soon enough you're going to be an adult with bills and an empty fridge and friends who are all happily married while you're still masturbating to stepdad porn.

Female prizes are a thing

Morty gets prizes at the end of some episodes and they're usually girls like Jessica. It promotes their weird anti-women agenda that I've heard about from multiple sources. Idk maybe don't use women as prizes? Just a thought, sirs.

Boys talk about it too much

The main reason this show sucks is because it's all guys want to talk about or joke about and I'm so over hearing about Pickle Rick or Morty or Rick or the Multiverse or how it's brilliant or blah blah blah.

We get it. This show makes you feel ~seen~ but every conversation does not need to be about Rick and Morty. There are plenty of other annoying shows to talk about, I promise.


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