James Woods, alleged perv and confirmed shitbag, has a long history of behaving badly online


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James Woods, alleged perv and confirmed shitbag, has a long history of behaving badly online

The accounts of hitting on underage girls is just the beginning

Amber Tamblyn of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame,shared a story via Twitter on Monday about being propositioned by a pair of grown men when she was 16 years old. Gross at face value, right?

But Tamblyn's disclosure was prompted by one of the men who propositioned her, James Woods, who was criticizing actor Armie Hammer for his role in Call Me By Your Name in which Hammer plays a 24-year-old-man who becomes romantically involved with a 17 year old boy.

A quick catchup:

James Woods is an actor, apparently most famous for his roles in dystopian sci-fi movie Videodrome and biopic Nixon, although the only thing in his filmography that really caught my eye was the fact that he voiced Hades in Disney's Hercules.

He also dabbles in conservative commentary, retweeting articles from Steve Bannon mouthpiece Breitbart and comments from alt-right luminaries like Jack Posobiec of "Rape Melania" fame.

For what it's worth, Woods denied Tamblyn's account, but other stories quickly surfaced about Woods behaving like a certified creep, especially towards younger women.

This isn't the first time that the internet has piled on Woods. He caught fire in August for highlighting his fundamental misunderstanding of why people want statues honoring Confederate soldiers remove with this tweet about the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia:

Copycat tweets quickly popped up in favor of protecting other "monuments" that #liberals were eager to destroy.

Woods also received flack for sharing his hateful views about a family expressing pride in their gender-creative son, implying that the son would grow up and murder his parents for… some reason?

Neil Patrick Harris responded to Woods's vitriol by shaming him, a move which might work on a normal person but probably didn't do a lot to dissuade the man who regularly tweets material implying Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic.

Will Woods learn his lesson after his latest internet snafu? The answer is likely a no, given the fact that Woods has already tweeted 40 times today as of the time of writing this article.

But on the bright side, people who oppose Woods's bigoted comments and pervy actions don't have to worry about boycotting his work. Woods hasn't appeared in a film since 2016, when he leant his voice to Korean animated movie Bling.

By his own admission, Woods has so much free time to spew hate because he doesn't really have anything else going on.

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