The cutest matching tattoo ideas that aren’t infinity symbols and won’t make you cringe


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The cutest matching tattoo ideas that aren’t infinity symbols and won’t make you cringe

for the love of God do not get those avocado tattoos

There are a lot of opinions out there about matching tattoos with friends. People love to tell you what to get tattooed, what to not get tattooed, and what won't work as a tattoo. But those people are idiots. No one should have an opinion about your tattoo except you and the person you're matching with.

So then who am I to tell you what to get on your body? I am no one. A girl has no name. But I am here to give you ideas for things you may not have thought of, to help you see that the world is your oyster and even something as silly as your inside joke about ghosts could actually be a cute tattoo idea.

Some things to consider before you get matching tattoos:

– Will the person you plan to match with be in your life forever?

– Will you be embarrassed to have shared this experience with them?

– Are you sober enough to decide?

If the answer to all of the above is yes then please, go forth and prosper. Here are some cute matching tattoo ideas to inspire you and your BFF.

Solidify your 'Ride or Die'

Another set of bestie tattoos for two of the best besties I know @lucytwobows @hilaryduff

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Get sentimental

Have a laugh

???? #friendtattoo #bff

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Go big or go home

Got matching tattoos with @itstaite ❤️❤️ #tattoo #matchingtattoos

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