Jennifer Lawrence violently attacked a fan who asked for a selfie, and she thinks it’s adorable…?


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Jennifer Lawrence violently attacked a fan who asked for a selfie, and she thinks it’s adorable…?

Sorry, nothing about this is funny

I know Jennifer Lawrence's entire brand is about being ~qUirKy!~ and just like you! and pizza! or whatever, but absolutely nothing about this recent "fun and hilarious" anecdote is funny or cute.

On yesterday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer proceeds to tell the story of a "bar fight" she got into. Only it wasn't so much of a fight as a violent, drunken, one-sided attack on a far.

Jennifer says it started at in Budapest, where she was filming her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow. She's there with some friends for the bar's beer night, and she gets drunk which she says is rare for her. OK, sure, that's what I say after an intoxicated fuck-up too.

A guy at the bar asks Jen to take a selfie with him, which she politely declines. And I get it, totally within her rights. Fair. More celebrities should exercise this power, except for when it's me asking. But back to the story:

The guy asks Jen one more time, and she once again says no. The annoyed Hungarian dude mutters "Fuck you." And then, in Jennifer's own words, she "snaps."

Now before I get into the gory details, let me first say it is rude to say "fuck you", especially when the person doesn't deserve it. But if I did what Jennifer did to every person who's ever told me "fuck you", I would be on Locked Up Abroad. And also Locked Up Domestically, a spin-off I'm trying to get green-lit. So here's what she did:

Jennifer says she grabbed the man by his clothes, started shaking him, and "dousing him with beers." Then, she goes to his suitcase (which was at the bar for some reason) and proceeds to start pouring beer all over his shit. Her friend points out the guy is soaking wet "and crying."

And the entire time Jennifer is relaying the story to a delighted Seth, she's cracking up. I'm sorry, but what is cute or adorable or funny about literal assault? I get that it's not cool to be rude, but talk about an overreaction. If a civilian did that or (I'm sorry but I'm just gonna say it) a man did that, it'd be an arrest.

Watch the full stupid-ass video here: