There’s literally a group of people who think we live in a big The Sims game


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There’s literally a group of people who think we live in a big The Sims game

Elon Musk is one of them

Come on, we all played The Sims. Everyone had that one desktop computer growing up where they rolled around on their cushioned office chair and made their cute, blonde Sim WooHoo with the hottie you named after your fourth grade crush.

Well, some people think we like playing The Sims so much because we are Sims. Yes, I'm being serious.

"The Simulation Theory" is the belief our reality exists in a computer simulation. According to The Guardian, it can be traced back to philosopher Rene Descartes, but was recently argued by Oxford professor Nick Bostrom.

He thinks some super intelligent, human-like civilization run simulations of their ancestors and have such advanced technology, the simulations are cognizant. Those conscious sims are us. He says progressive trends in technology suggest the simulation is possible.

And if it's true nothing supernatural causes our consciousness except a very complex part of the human brain that was put there by smart aliens, we will be able to reproduce it. That reproduction will prove this theory.

Elon Musk supports this theory so much, he said "There’s a billion to one chance we’re living in base reality." And other tech giants agree. According to The New Yorker, two billionaires have hired scientists to build technologies to break us out of our Sims game.

Really, "The Simulation Theory" makes me feel kinda good about my life. Maybe I'm not such a big mess up because of me, but because of a futuristic little girl named Cindy who likes to fuck with the lives of conscious beings for funsies.

Though even if this turns out to be true, I reserve the right to hate Elon Musk.