Forever 21 is opening a new beauty store, but they should just stick to ‘I ❤️ Pizza’ t-shirts


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Forever 21 is opening a new beauty store, but they should just stick to ‘I ❤️ Pizza’ t-shirts

No one needs that much glitter in their makeup

I trust Forever 21 with few things — clothes for costumes, cheap accessories I don't mind getting dirty, and ironic graphic t-shirts to wear to the gym and no where else. That's it. I certainly don't trust any kind of beauty product they try to peddle on the way to the checkout counter.

But apparently, some people do buy Forever 21 beauty products? Enough that, Esther and Linda Chang, the daughters of the Forever 21 founders, have decide to start Riley Rose, a Forever 21 beauty spin-off store.

The store is opening on September 30th in Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA and will sell products like R+Co, Stila, and lots and lots of glittery items. Barf.

Esther and Linda told Refinery29 that Riley Rose will have makeup and skincare products with a "digital" twist. There will even be selfie stations so you can take photos of yourself in their products and post them to Instagram. Honestly, it sounds like a nightmare.

If their Instagram is any indication of what you can expect from Riley Rose it's not much better than that pink, frilly section of Forever 21 with all the florals and weird pink lace skirts that only Madonna could wear circa the 1980s. It's like a unicorn took an explosive pink shit everywhere and not a cute pink, but an annoying pink.

I'm fully anticipating Riley Rose to be a bad Katy Perry music video come to life. Forever 21 is a disorganized mess so just imagine that but crushed lipstick and spilled hair gel everywhere.

Riley Rose certainly has their work cut out for them if they want to establish themselves as a formidable beauty store and not the joke that Forever 21 has become.