Is this woman who married herself what feminism has finally come to?


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Is this woman who married herself what feminism has finally come to?

You’re allowed to be single, damn

I want you to pay $60 to pretend to enjoy that SoulCycle class. And I really do hope you to buy that cookie you're going to complain about regretting later. Splurge on those bath salts, drink 14 water bottles in one sitting.

But don't come to me preaching about how marrying yourself is like transcending some self-love glass ceiling you've felt trapped under your whole life. Seriously, they have face masks for that.

"I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves," Laura Mesi, 40, said after wedding herself in an extravagant ceremony this week. But perhaps she took the "love yourself" mantra a bit too far.

We're seriously making this too easy for people who hate feminists. They already think we're off our rockers.

People marrying themselves has been a topic of interest on shows like Sex and the City and Glee for some time now, but so have things like pegging and eating ass — it doesn't mean we should actually do them.

The wedding came after Laura's relationship of 12 years ended, because she wanted to prove to people that she could exist independently. But it's 2017. People are allowed to be in relationships, and people are allowed to be single. You do not need to marry yourself to prove you're fine caring for yourself. A lot of people in relationships are, too. Plus, you're allowed to be single over the age of 25 nowadays.

Laura told the BBC, "If one day I find a man with whom I can plan a future I'll be happy, but my happiness does not depend on him." But will she have to divorce herself first? Or just see him on the side?

Does it count as cheating if you're cheating on yourself? Maybe she should practice some real self love and learn to respect herself. Cheating is never okay. Never.


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