Science says you trust your phone more than your boyfriend, which makes sense


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Science says you trust your phone more than your boyfriend, which makes sense

Love has no labels

There are three times as many states with no direct prohibitions against sexually assaulting animals as there are states that allow gay marriage.

But let's turn our attention the real issue at hand, shall we? When will humans finally be allowed to marry memes?

In 2017 it doesn't seem like we're that far off. Take the film Her, written, directed, and produced by Spike Jonze, where a man experiences his first love with an intelligent computer operating system. Or the iconic cult film Smart House; anybody would have fallen in love with Pat.

So it's no surprise that according to new research, Americans trust the internet more than their significant others.

The study, conducted by encryption experts Echoworx, consisted of 2,000 people, and results found that on average, Americans wait two and a half dates before exposing their full name to a stranger, compared to the 28 seconds we spend analyzing a website to make sure it's safe before typing it in.

Research also showed we only analyze sites for 31 seconds before inputting credit card information.

Of those surveyed, an average of 24 percent have had their information stolen online, and 1 in 5 has had their computers hacked, which is even worse because it means we're being played and coming back!

But every night, our phones are the ones there, reliably tucked into bed next to us. And, they're still there when we wake up.

But maybe we should be a bit more cautious about how open we are with our technology. We wouldn't want it to break our heart, or worse, give our credit card info to someone else.


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