There’s a sexy Melania Trump costume and it’s actually kind of hot


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There’s a sexy Melania Trump costume and it’s actually kind of hot

I’d wear it any day of the week

These days it's pretty easy to turn anything into a "slutty Halloween costume." It's even easier to take shots at the Trumps — they're such easy comedy targets it's practically not even fun anymore.

Just kidding. It will always be fun.

The latest target of some hilarity is Melania Trump. The costume company, Yandy, is selling a "model wife" costume modeled after Melania's inaugural look.

And it's actually hot. And I hate that it's hot.

If you didn't know this was directly related to Melania's inauguration outfit, you could easily assume this was a sexy Pan Am flight attendant costume or Mad Men or Scream Queens.

And even though this is supposed to represent Melania, I don't think it would be that hard to turn it into Britney's iconic lewk from Toxic.

Not gonna lie, I'd totally wear this on a date or to drink alone by myself and Snapchat some of my burners. What the hell, I'd maybe even rock it on a regular work day because we're cool enough not to have a dress code.

I'm here for a good time, not a long time (esp. if 45 keeps tweeting the way he is) so I might as well enjoy it.


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