The ‘men are trash’ meme is probably the only good thing to come out of 2017


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The ‘men are trash’ meme is probably the only good thing to come out of 2017

Good morning, men are trash

Look, it hasn't been a very good week for women. As it happens, we can't get abortions. We can't even get birth control to prevent us from having abortions. Men who we thought were allies mocked us to white nationalists behind our backs, America's creepy uncle finally had his myriad misdeed exposed to the world, and Nelly was arrested for rape.

So I'm sorry if we sound Angry Online, but we tweet "Men are trash!" en mass, know that it's not just a meme — we really mean it.

If we have to wade through rape threats in our DMs and Uber drivers who trap us inside their vehicles until we give them our numbers, at least let us complain about it on the TL.

It's actually not a very funny situation, but this is what women do. We turn something uncomfortable and scary and life-threatening into something funny for the culture. Maybe it's a defense mechanism, maybe it's defiance. Either way, it's meme gold:

Your honor, I present Exhibit A:

It's me, I'm your WCW

Also, add king/herpetologist Steve Irwin to this list

Good morning, men are trash

Men out here acting like a whole dumpster

I love this song!

Ugh they're evolving, you guys

They're getting five stars on RateMyProfessor

Nevermind, he texted me back.

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