This girl makes an extra $15,000 just by going on dates, what about you?


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This girl makes an extra $15,000 just by going on dates, what about you?

I hate being ugly

I am just so tired. Here I am, grinding away on a Saturday, writing this content for you so I can make rent and survive while the pretty people of the world are apparently scheming their way to tens of thousands of dollars just by going on dates.

You know what happened on my date last night? I wound up buying his $5 PBR because he "didn't have cash" and "would get me back next time." Then he called me a bitch because I didn't want to blow him in the Uber.

Meanwhile, a 23-year-old girl named Sophia Chartreuse is doing the opposite of whatever the hell I'm doing. And she's just just getting that money in the form of fancy dinners and craft cocktails, either. She's actually charging rich losers for the pleasure of her company, a luxury us Uglies can't comprehend.

Seriously! Sophia says she logs onto the online "dating" site (owned by the dude who founded Seeking Arrangement) where guys offer monetary bids to take her out.

Sophia told the Daily Mail she typically brings home around $100 a night (not counting whatever she was bought on the actual date), with some suitors paying her $300 for a few-hours-long date.

If any rich dudes happen to be reading right now and want to pay to take out this chatty, annoying, average-looking writer, HMU. My Twitter handle is below and I am painfully single.