This whole Rick and Morty sauce fiasco is proof only musty old virgins like that show


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This whole Rick and Morty sauce fiasco is proof only musty old virgins like that show

There’s something off about adults who watch cartoons

McDonalds mistakenly announcing they’d be bringing back their special Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce for one day this week is somehow going to do them in more than Food, Inc. and Super Size Me combined.

For those lucky enough to not know, Rick and Morty is a popular US science fiction cartoon that riffs off the Back to the Future films.

They also have the worst fan base in America. Not only were fans “disappointed” when they showed up at their local McDonald’s to find a line wrapped around the building and down the road, but they actually began rioting when McDonalds ran out, and are now threatening to sue.

Some stores that were supposed to get the sauce didn’t end up receiving the shipment in time

Which, of course, lit some horrible fire under the Rick and Morty super-fans’ asses.


Imagine harassing a worker because they don’t have a particular limited edition DIPPING SAUCE

And the wildest thing about it all is that Rick and Morty fans are convinced you need to have some super high IQ to understand the show, even though they’re out here threatening minimum wage workers over a mixture of ketchup and teriyaki sauce.

They’re that guy in your women gender studies class who raises his hand too much, and cuts you off whenever you start speaking.

Police had to be called to a number of outlets after people began angry-chanting ‘we want sauce’

Think about the poor people who work at McDonalds

Or listen to them — they hate you

Cartoon shows are not for adults

When people started complaining about the McDonald’s situation, “Rick and Morty is for smart people” was the only response offered to them.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. As proven here, any adult who watches cartoons is a washed up 25-year-old virgin paying half-rent in their paren’t home. The people who like this show are the same people who think a fun Friday night consists of getting high, eating wings and rating girls on Tinder.

We get it. Rick and Morty, is a smart show for geniuses only, that also inspires people to fight outside of fast food chain restaurants for special chicken dipping sauce.


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