This Instagram DM hack is about to save you a lot of drunken embarrassment


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This Instagram DM hack is about to save you a lot of drunken embarrassment

For those of you who love to drunk-text your ex

As the resident babe Instagram guru, I am back with another life-changing Instagram "hack" that will significantly decrease your humiliation by 85 percent.

Recently, I had made the mistake of drinking too many glasses of Pinot Noir and clicking over to a former hook-ups Instagram. I thought "Hey, why not slide into those DMs?"

Big mistake. Huge!

The next morning I clicked back and saw that he had yet to read my humiliating message. I was blessed. And for a moment, I thought that it would be wonderful if this message could just disappear. I don't know what compelled me to do it but I held down my message when suddenly, an option to "unsend" appeared. I clicked it and saved my soul.

Yes, you're reading that right — you can unsend Instagram DMs.

So often we are forced to live in a world where we have to deal with our consequences but now, Instagram has made it so that we never have to pay the piper. Instead, we can erase our mistakes as if they never happened at all.

That celeb you sent a nude to? Unsend!

Your ex whom you sent a long, drunk message to? Unsend!

Your mom who you accidentally sent a lewd meme to? Unsend!

Now, the sky is the limit. We can play with fire and avoid getting burned. We can take a risk and then take it back the minute we realize we made a massive mistake.

Instagram letting us unsend DMs is the gift that keeps on giving. It is what we, as a collective, deserve in these times of turmoil and despair.

God bless you, Instagram, and you're enabling of our hot mess behavior. Couldn't do it without you. Happy Unsending!


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