Genuinely cute couples Halloween costumes that won’t make you want to die


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Genuinely cute couples Halloween costumes that won’t make you want to die

Your Minnie and Mickey costumes are tired!

So you're finally in a relationship and Halloween is approaching. You know that you want to flaunt your couple status on every social media account you have but you're worried about two things:

1. Will your partner actually agree to a couples costume?

2. Finding the perfect costume that won't make other people cringe

I firmly believe that if you have the perfect costume idea, you won't need to do much convincing to get your partner to agree to a couple's costume. It's important that your costumes aren't overdone or tired. You don't want to be the sixth Mario and Luigi couple at the bar.

You want to be original! You want to be genius! You want to win the fucking couple's costume prize and break 200 likes on Insta!

Well, have no fear. These are the perfect couple's costumes that won't make you want to die.

The Purge

Happy Halloween 🎃 #thepurge #couplecostume #halloween2015

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Slightly terrifying. Slightly sexy. The Purge couple's costume is pure genius.

The Mask

THE MASK ❤ #couplecostume #lovemyhusband #purim

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It's a throwback to a classic 90s comedy film. You'll look super hot while your partner will look fly as hell. Might be a bit more obscure buttttt the only people who's opinions you'll care about are the people who will understand this couple's costume.

Wet Bandits

Day 24: Taking a look back at last years Halloween costume! Don't know how we're gonna beat this one! Any suggestions?#couplescostume #tb #hiyapal #homealone #lostinnewyork #homealone2 #wetbandits #stickybandits #craftoween17 #halloweendiy #craftoween

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This couple's costume is so freaking genius I'm pissed I didn't think of it myself.

The Belchers

PASS THE CRANBERRY SAUCE WE'RE HAVING MASHED POTATOES! #bobsburgers #couplescostume #halloweencostume #bobsburgerscostume #thebelchers

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Linda and Bob from Bob's Burgers are ICONIC.

Jurassic Park

Coupes costumes… uh… find a way.

Bugs and Lola

Don't ever call me "doll" 🐰🏀

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Literally one of the most comfortable costumes you'll ever wear in your life.

Regina George and Aaron Samuels

You said it, now put it in the book

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The limit does not exist for how many compliments you'll get on this couple's costume.

Ron Swanson and Breakfast

Ron and his one true love are the ideal couple and they make for the perfect couple's costume.

Britney and Justin

But only the all-denim ensembles.

Mary Poppins and Burt

❤️💙#marypoppins #coupleshalloween

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This couple's costume is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. And yes, I spelled that all correctly on the first try.

All of these costumes are fool-proof, epic couple's costumes. So pick wisely and please, I beg of you, no more Danny and Sandy.


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