Crying in public is actually a power move


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Crying in public is actually a power move

Sob away, people

Fellow open weepers, please: Do not feel bad about crying in public. It’s kind of amazing, if you really break down the nature of breaking down.

You know who feels emotions? Literally everyone.

Tears are the visible manifestation of extreme emotion- sadness, anger, disappointment or even happiness. But scientists still don't really know why the hell it happens. In fact, crying is so potent that men are conditioned not to do it because it implies weakness.

But that's bullshit. Some studies indicate that crying actually boosts your mood (after you're done, duh) which means that it could very well be nature's wettest coping mechanism. And if you manage to avoid eye contact, crying in public can feel like wearing an invisibility cloak and a suit of armor at the same time.

Crying unabashedly in public sends a message. It says: To me, this train/hallway/sidewalk/Jamba Juice is the same as my bedroom. I am comfortable with myself and the way that I feel.

In fact, I am a very busy person who doesn’t even have enough room in my schedule to pencil in a private cry. I understand that this is something that I need to be doing, and I do not feel that the construct of social boundaries precludes me from doing it right now.

When you cry in public, the people who see you cry know what’s going on. And interacting with a stranger when they’re super emotional is something that most people are not interested in dealing with.

So don’t ask me for directions, I'm fucking crying! No, you can’t bum a cigarette because I just touched my runny nose and that’s a swift ticket to a staph infection, buddy! And don't you dare tell me to smile.


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