Kendall and Kylie’s new lingerie line is absolutely tragic


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Kendall and Kylie’s new lingerie line is absolutely tragic

Even Urban Outfitters would never

Of course celebrities don't have 100 percent control over every single part of every one of their lines. Sometimes creative decisions have to be made by designers, photographers or PR people that are outside the realm of things a 20-year-old pop star might know about.

But if anyone on your team pitches you a $160 mesh body trap for your new Topshop lingerie line, you should probably step in and hit the breaks.

Plus, despite a few fashion scandals here and there, I thought the Kardashians generally knew how to dress — or at least how to pick the right people to dress them, but this absolute bungling of a lingerie line says otherwise.

The $135 cotton crochet unitard

I still don't buy the whole "Kendall does her own makeup and buys all her own clothes" thing, but I do know if she were getting ready to saddle up, this $72 unitard is not the first thing she would pull out of her closet. Or second. Or third.

Or maybe it is — maybe that's why A$AP Rocky left.

Even Urban Outfitters would never

This top is $90, and looks like the inner lining of my dog's winter jacket.

'I haven't done laundry in 3 weeks'

This bra could be cute I guess? If you just got dumped and plan on spending the night under the covers with a bottle of red. But it's definitely not something anybody would strap on to impress.

This is your "I don't have a washer/dryer in my building so I'm going to wear this now" go-to.

Middle school dance

This look is the type of bra reserved for middle school dances — something even mom would allow you out in if you tossed one of those pink wife-beaters over it.

Probably passes the two finger rule, as well.

Girls-only soccer practice

These $46 shorts are just shameful. I'm no master of lingerie, but this definitely isn't right. I wouldn't have even worn these to my 6th grade, gym class.

What if the coach was cute?

I once thought there was no right or wrong answer for what to wear in the bedroom to turn both yourself and your partner on, but apparently there is a very, very wrong answer.

A girl never feels more powerful than when she's wearing matching underwear, and never feels more powerless than when she's engulfed in a full-body mesh mosquito net.


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