Science proves women are actual, literal angels on earth


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Science proves women are actual, literal angels on earth

Empathetic for six million years and counting

If we believe all human beings have a fatal flaw, in the Ancient Greek sense, women's is that we're excessively generous and will care for our beautiful friends until the ends of the Earth.

Now, if we ~generously~ categorize men as human being, and thus understand them as also having a fatal flaw, their's is that their brains are geared towards selfishness — and they think it's a product of biology and not social conditioning.

New research from the University of Zurich shows women's brains reward generosity while men's reward selfish behavior.

The study, which included 56 men and women, was comprised of a number of experiment that included decision making, detecting which areas of the brain were most active when either selfish or unselfish decisions were made.

And in a shocking turn of events that surprised literally no one, when it came to women, their the stratium — or reward center — became extremely active in response to unselfish behavior, while males' responded positively to selfish behaviors.

So basically, men are getting applauded for being shitty while we're over here being kind and loving each other.

What's even wilder, is when scientists neutralized the area of the brain releasing dopamine — meaning there was no longer pleasure correlated with either selfish or unselfish behaviors — women suddenly began acting more selfish.

That said, it's not all biological by any means. The reason our brains release dopamine based off of specific social interactions is mostly learned.

So men, although we're sure you'd love a pass for your shitty behavior, you can take a page from our book. Because according to these scientists, you're not biologically required to be a dick.


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