Does this mean Drake and Bella Hadid are officially dating?


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Does this mean Drake and Bella Hadid are officially dating?

It’s been a long time coming

On October 9, Bella Hadid turned 21.

Which means she can finally go to night clubs (which she was already doing), she can drink legally (which she was also already doing), and she can date Drake. Which she might have been already doing.

Now that he's thrown a birthday party for her, it feels like their union is official.


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When Bella's mom Yolanda appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live this week, he grilled her about everything from whether or not Bella is over Selena dating the Weeknd to whether or not she's officially moved on to Aubrey Graham.

And while apparently Yolanda didn't know her daughter's party — which she attended — was thrown by Drake, she appeared extremely flustered by the question.

In June, babe reported that the two were pictured leaving a night club after partying together, and they were even wearing coordinating outfits, so news they're still dating could mean things are getting serious.

Oh, and according to Yolanda, she really is "over" the Weeknd.


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