Meredith Blake is the true hero of The Parent Trap


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Meredith Blake is the true hero of The Parent Trap

She’s young and beautiful and that’s not a crime, you know?

Let me just say this: I love The Parent Trap. I stan hard. But now, as an adult woman, I can confidently point out serious problems within the movie.

Like, for example, two people who neglect to tell their daughters that they're twins? Seems a bit sus but we're not here to talk about parenting skills.

We're here to discuss my favorite feminist icon and the true hero of The Parent Trap: Meredith Blake.

Some might argue that Meredith is a selfish, evil, gold-digger but I say no. She's not selfish, she's goal-oriented. She's not evil, she's honest. And she's not a gold-digger, she's opportunistic which, in some circles, is not a bad thing.

Meredith is the real hero. Allow me to prove it.

Her style is unparalleled

When we first meet Meredith she is living for us all in the most iconic white keyhole dress with a cutaway skirt. She dares a black sunhat and dazzles us with a statement red lip.

Meredith. Blake. Is. Not. Here. To. Play.

Meredith understands that attitude and power are more important accessories than clothes. She wears simple, tailored, elegant ensembles that thrust her immediately into the "she's somebody" category without thinking she's trying to hard.

Because she's not. Meredith Blake doesn't need to try hard.

She supports small businesses

Elizabeth James is not a household name the same way, say, Vera Wang is. She's niche, couture, high-class and for those in the know. Some may say that Elizabeth James is a small business just trying to thrive in the bustling wedding industry.

Meredith Blake is not the type of woman to skimp on her wedding. It's full-stop. It's all-out. It's the classy, chic affair that you Pinterest girls could only ever dream of.

Meredith could have easily gone to Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang. But she didn't. She went for the brilliant, understated, sexy gown designed by Elizabeth James. She went for the small business instead of the name brand because she recognizes greatness. She recognizes the value in individuality. She knows excellence.

She's career oriented

Meredith is the head of PR for a major vineyard. This is probably not her first time running an account of this magnitude. She even has an associate. That means she's not an assistant. She's running shit.

Meredith Blake is 26 and chasing paper the way we all should be. She's got goals. She's got a good head on her shoulders and a brain that would make even the most manipulative of us jealous.

Meredith knows that time is money. Money is time. She's not willing to sit home and do nothing — she has things to do, people to see, money to make. Meredith would NEVER deign to be a stay-at-home mother. She's the captain of her own ship.

Meredith breaks glass ceilings and knows that in order to get on top you need to crush a few skulls and break a few hearts to do so.

Some may say she's an evil ruthless bitch but your career won't stand in front of you after their daughters pushed you in the middle of a lake and tell you that he picks them.

Women making money moves 2k17.

She gives sage advice

Meredith Blake reminds us all that "being young and beautiful is not a crime" and I think it's time we remember that.

She's tough

Meredith doesn't back down. She's tough. She can hold her own. She won't let anyone, child or adult, walk all over her without a fight. But Meredith knows fighting is most effective in the mental sphere and she uses her smooth tongue to win her battles. And win them she does even if she loses the war.

Meredith fell in love with Nicholas Parker and made her best effort to befriend his daughter. It's not her fault that he lied to his kid her whole life and now the kid wants him to get back with her mom. Meredith was an innocent casualty who was fighting for the life she built. Who can't admire that?

Meredith Blake is the true hero of The Parent Trap. She's young. She's beautiful. And she knows it. And that, my friends, is not a crime.

We should all aspire to be as fabulous as Meredith Blake.


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