Group costumes that will make everyone jealous of your clique


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Group costumes that will make everyone jealous of your clique

We can do better than the Spice Girls!

Halloween is nothing without your best friends beside you and sometimes, while a solo costume is fun, it's better to be joined in your Halloween revelry with your bitches by your side.

Group costumes can be overdone. They can be eye-roll inducing. They can be dumb as shit. Which is why it's super important to pick a group costume that not only embodies who you and your friends are, at your cores, but also will make everyone jealous they didn't think of it themselves.

These are the best group costumes that will make everyone else wish they were part of your group.

The Clovers

Halloween goals 🤗 #goclovers #halloweencostume #bringiton #halloweenislife🎃 #groupcostume

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Is it cold in here or are their some Clovers in the atmosphere? This is the group costume to end all other group costumes.

Sailor Moon

Moon prism power…make up! 😁🌙 costumes from @amazon

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Sailor Moon is iconic and these costumes are iconic so therefore you and your friends will be iconic.

The A Team

A spin on the Pretty Little Liars costumes that people do. Be the A-team. Also, be comfortable AF on Halloween. It's a win-win!


You'll be total Bettys in these costumes.

Frat Bros

These costumes are way funnier and smarter than the guys you're pretending to be.

The Breakfast Club

All you need is a brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case, and a criminal!


These costumes will cause major damage.

Bad Blood

If you're Team Taylor these Bad Blood costumes might be perfect for your "squad."

The Plastics

So fetch.

Britney. Literally any Britney

The Pop Princess through the years! It's utterly genius and has the opportunity for everyone to be equally glam/sexy/slutty.

Whatever you do, I implore you, do NOT dress as the Minions. We can — no, we must — do better.


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