Every girl knows a Harvey Weinstein, and we want to expose yours


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Every girl knows a Harvey Weinstein, and we want to expose yours

We’re done with sweeping it under the rug

By now, you’ve read all about the avalanche of accusations against powerful men in Hollywood. All week, we’ve heard stories of harassment, uncomfortable encounters, groping, inappropriate comments, and full-on assault.

But the truth is, we all know someone like Harvey Weinstein. A powerful man who uses his influence over a community — and you — to be a creep and, in the worst cases, a predator. It’s something almost every woman has experienced: A loaded comment about your body from a boss, insistent, late-night drink proposals by a senior coworker, a professor who asks about your sex life, a leader whose hands wander.

Every industry is full of Harveys, and we want to take yours down. We’re looking for real girls of all ages to stand up and tell us about the men abusing power in your community. Email your experiences and stories to babe editors Amanda Ross ([email protected]) and Caroline Phinney ([email protected]) and we can help.  If you want anonymity, we can guarantee it. We’ve all been there, and we refuse to stay quiet about it anymore.

babe does not and will not report gossip. We’ll take what you share with us seriously, gather evidence, do some digging, and stand your story up. And then we’ll expose these guys. We all saw it last week: it was the women brave enough to share their stories with reporters that put the spotlight on Weinstein’s disgusting behavior. Some guts and good reporting and we can do this for shitty men in every industry — and that’s what we’ll do if you come to us. Editors on our team have worked for Newsweek, The Guardian, NYLON, and Vice.

We want to help. It’s a story every woman has, and we’re ready to tell them.