I’m calling it: The era of highlight is officially over


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I’m calling it: The era of highlight is officially over

RIP to the fashionable phase for my oily flesh

There is a point that every trend reaches where it becomes so overdone that it is stupid. And I regret to inform all you Glossier devotees and Fenty Beauty converts that when it comes to highlighter, we're there.

It's over, we killed it

We were handed the highlighter trend and we, frankly, abused it.

Highlighter morphed from a fun way to add a touch of drama to your look into an all-consuming obsession, as exemplified by the creator of the flare highlight or the woman in the video below:

Everyone just looks wet now! I'm sorry, but enough is enough.

The future is matte

The first sign of highlighter's downfall came in the product rollout for Glossier's finishing powder, Wowder.

In a post on Into the Gloss, the Glossier team expressed their desire to give customers "the choice to look the most moisturized you’ve ever looked one day and the choice to blot out your t-zone the next," which was borderline sacrilege from the evangelists of dewiness.

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From that point forward, not even Rihanna could resurrect excessive highlighter as a look that is suitable for the daytime.

No matter how gorgeous Rihanna's Trophy Wife highlighter looks on the hot girls you follow on Twitter, you've gotta admit that if you caught someone rocking it in class or at work you'd consider it a little bit… extra.

Even Kim Kardashian's crème highlighter and contour sets have new powder analogs for a more subdued version of the original, full-face look.

This doesn't mean that you've gotta toss your NARS Multiple in the trash or anything. You might just have to wait for a special occasion to break it out.

Seasons change. Trends come and go. The sun is setting on the era of highlighter, but don't cry- just enjoy how great your makeup looks in the golden hour glow.


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